Theophillus ‘Godson’ Oloyade

Born and raised in the depths of east London. I know I know it’s a long first name so Theo will do. Godson has been my stage name ever since 2008, where I started my professional dance career. I have been dancing now for 11 years to date and haven't regretted a single day thats gone by. Street dance was the style that I immediately fell in love with after it was introduced to me by my mentor and english teacher Brendon Isaac. 

Late 2004 is where I lost my life outside of dance, it became the centre of my universe. Every lunch time throughout the rest of secondary school Brendon would teach street dance choreography primarily Hip-Hop based, to a group of boys who shared the same passion as myself. Goldrush was born. We regularly performed at school assemblies as well as local community shows. We became the first borough dance champions of Waltham-Forest in 2007 representing Norlington school for boys. We felt unstoppable. four of us from the group decided to push our efforts within the dance industry and audition for Laurence Olivier award winning company Boy Blue entertainment. Led by one of our biggest inspirations Kenrick ‘H20’ Sandy and Micheal ‘Mikey J’ Asante. 

We definitely was punching above our weight. Nevertheless we auditioned a numerous amount of times, desperately wanted to be apart of this formidable dance company. After these ambitious attempts we eventually made into the trainee camp ‘Blitz’, where work really began for myself. There i was introduced to many different styles within street dance such as, Hip-Hop, poppin’, Breakin and Locking. I quickly learned what it truly meant to be a dance performer after gruelling hours or tedious repetition of the same choreography and body conditioning to be able to execute movement accurately on stage. Street dance styles, House and Krump came a little later through external endeavours of training outside the camp. I was hungry and wanted more. 

By this point Krump, Hip-Hop, House and Poppin’ became my favourite go to styles to train and freestyle regularly in, as well as learning the history of each style and knowing it’s foundation steps.    Krump and Hip-Hop became my strongest styles. I’d often battle in these styles to push my movement and test myself to see how much movement I've retained, to match opponent’s level or surpass it. Battling became the norm as it highlighted when i was slacking or when i was on point with movement and creativity. It’s like taking exams for me, where i consistently want to pursue be an A star student. 

Being apart of Boy Blue entertainment has exposed me to the professional world of dance from street right through to ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz and commercial. Through acquiring so much knowledge within street dance, I am able to teach, perform, choreograph and direct on many different platforms from theatre stage productions, screen based media work and live stage productions. I have now become a U.K. Krump pioneer under one of the creators ‘Mijo’, a proud established member of Boy Blue entertainment. Assistant Dance captain and performer for the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, Sky1's 'Got To Dance Finalist 2013 and 2014. Has danced and choreographed for artist's such as Tinie Tempah, Bonkaz, Plan B, Fergie, Rita Ora and FKA Twigs to name a few.

I now pursue to create my own work, share more of my obtained knowledge with the next generation and become a house hold name within the dance industry